Seattle: South by Northwest

My husband Harry and I live in the Seattle area. Aside from a couple of years in India, we’ve spent our whole lives in the South. That is, if you count Texas. And, people outside of Texas always count Texas. It’s Texans you have to worry about. So, Harry can speak to that. Nashville, Tennessee is our adult home, but I’ll always be an Alabama girl.

We didn’t move to Seattle for the weather, although I’m starting to think the Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful places in God’s creation. And, you don’t get all this green without a little rain.

We moved for my husband’s job. He doesn’t actually work for Microsoft or Boeing, like a lot of people guess when we first meet them. He works for a church, but he’s not a traditional pastor. He’s a technical director. But he’s a technical director who cares about relationships and creativity through media in the local church.

So, my husband works for a church and I’m a writer. I’ve been fighting this most of my adult life because it’s not practical or always easy to explain, but it’s who I am. I’m an introvert who loves connecting with people (go ahead and try to figure that one out). One of my favorite things to do is sit across the table from a good friend and catch up. Even better if we’re eating something yummy.

As much as we love the South, where there are churches on every corner, we knew we couldn’t stay there. We believe God gave us a great message to share with people from all cultures. (We even spent two years in India because of it.) If you are new to exploring this thing we often call “the Gospel,” you can find more about it in the Bible, but we also hope that you will find glimpses of it in this blog and as you interact with us.

If you’ve been a Christian for a long time, you know that God is faithful to use everything in our lives to bring us closer to him. Even the really hard stuff. It doesn’t matter if you’re in India or Alabama or Texas or Tennessee or even Washington. And, we hope to share with you some of the things God is using to bring us closer to him and how we see him at work in the Northwest.

So, grab your coffee mug — even if it’s filled with tea — and join us.

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