Andrea doesn’t like coffee, but…

I like coffee shops. The kind that aren’t in a hurry.

I had tea with someone I hope will become a friend. She spent longer than necessary explaining something. When she stopped herself in mid-stream to say: “I’m sorry. I’m not good at short stories. I love to connect.” I knew I could relax.

I’m horrible at small talk. I’m not good at short answers.

I read an article recently about how to get along with introverts. It talks about how introverts prefer to “go deep or go home.” I’m not sure this is unique to only introverts, but it’s definitely true of me. I would much rather spend an hour talking about how God is showing me how to trust Him by revealing my insecurities than 15 minutes talking about how to make a good salad.

I like good salads. (Well, not really, but I try to make myself eat them because they’re good for me.) I like good recipes. And I probably need to be able to talk about them from time to time. But I’d rather not.


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