Asking, part 2

I have never been particularly good at prayer — diligence, faithfulness or even lament. “Prayer warrior” would never make my resume. I’ve known people who are amazing at this. The ones who use a journal or index cards with names for each day of the week. Or pray for an hour each day. Or have a particular place they always pray. I’ve known those people. And felt a sense of awe for them. I long for that kind of discipline. Continue reading “Asking, part 2”

Making space for prayer

A friend recently shared a quote from Paul Miller that I liked. It’s from a book on prayer. “Every minute spent in prayer is one less minute where you can be doing something productive. The act of praying means you have to rely more on God.”

To make space for prayer, we have to stop what we’re doing. But we don’t just stop what we’re doing. We have to stop thinking about all the things we think we need to do. We have to train our minds to be quiet and still before the Lord. It’s a submission. A humility.

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I love Chai

When I met a good friend for breakfast, we shared chai in steel cups. In India, you have to pour it in little bowls to make it cool enough to drink. Then, it gets cold. It’s one, or the other. Piping hot or nearly-refrigerator cold. I prefer a burned tongue.

I should be comfortable with cold tea. I am from the Deep South. My parents don’t know what happened to me. I think I’m the first person ever in the history of my family who doesn’t like sweet, iced tea.

I actually didn’t like even hot tea until I moved to India.

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Andrea doesn’t like coffee, but…

I like coffee shops. The kind that aren’t in a hurry.

I had tea with someone I hope will become a friend. She spent longer than necessary explaining something. When she stopped herself in mid-stream to say: “I’m sorry. I’m not good at short stories. I love to connect.” I knew I could relax.

I’m horrible at small talk. I’m not good at short answers. Continue reading “Andrea doesn’t like coffee, but…”