But Andrea doesn’t like coffee

I know this could be confusing on a blog called Coffee and Condensation.

And, it’s true. I don’t like coffee. I’ve never liked the taste of it. Too bitter.

I used to say the same thing about dark chocolate, but I’ve definitely matured in that department. Life is too short to limit chocolate intake.

I do like the smell of coffee, especially when it’s freshly ground, but not the bits it leaves behind on the kitchen counter.

My dad still can’t figure out how I made it through college, which, of course, I attribute to hard work and intelligence — and maybe a little Mountain Dew. Or it might have been the midnight cookie dough I would get from the Munchie Mart.

My husband Harry wooed me with hot drinks (spiced cider and hot chocolate), even though he didn’t always pay for them. He likes to joke about getting an IV that pumps coffee into his veins. I’m sorry, but I think that’s a little weird.

Seattle happens to be known for its coffee. Non-coffee drinkers are an anomaly here. Recently, I told a new friend (another Seattle transplant) that I don’t drink coffee and she said, “Talk to me in a year.” So, stay tuned.

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